A simple pastebin.
StoredIn is a simple pastebin alternative to store raw text data. StoredIn is developed using NodeJS and stores all the contents locally in two distributed servers.


- Using curl

curl --data "data=$(cat somefile.ext)" https://paste.prashant.me
cat somefile.ext | curl --data-urlencode [email protected] https://paste.prashant.me

- Create an alias (Linux | Optional)

echo 'alias sim="curl --data-urlencode [email protected] https://paste.prashant.me"' >> ~/.bash_aliases && source ~/.bash_aliases
cat somefile.ext | sim

- Prettify (Linux | Optional)

StoredIn responds with JSON formatted data. You can utilize a package called jq to prettify the JSON response. You can pipe the output to jq by appending | jq to the commands above.

cat somefile.ext | curl --data-urlencode [email protected] https://paste.prashant.me | jq




I will wipe ALL the paste files if I need more storage or make spots for my paste. Please do not expect the paste you store to have infinite retention. For now, I'm allocating around 100GB per server = ~((1024 * 100)Mb/~3Mb limit/paste) = ~34 133.333 33 total paste files per server.


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